What are MistoPoints?

MistoPoints are awarded to kickass customers that can be redeemed for coffee, brew equipment, subscriptions, or anything else in the MistoBox Shop. 100 MistoPoints is equal to $5 MistoBox credit.

How do I get some of this free awesomeness you say? Here are the ways:

Share the Legend

Is someone you know in desperate need of a coffee upgrade? Do you shudder as they pour that packet of instant, burned brown granules masquerading as coffee into water and claim “It’s good!”.

Stop the madness.

Refer your friends in need of some coffee rehab to MistoBox. When you do we’ll give you 200 MistoPoints ($10) for whatever strikes your fancy!

Share with your friend’s right here and we’ll track it for you. Or have your friends enter your name when the check out, it’s that easy. Rack up as many referrals as you’d like, and enjoy all the free stuff you can get with your MistoPoints.


$1 spent = 1 MistoPoint earned. Not too shabby.

Keep Being Awesome

We know you’re awesome but hey we love hearing from you! So when you reach out, don’t be surprised if we tack some MistoPoints onto your account as a thank you.