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Ceremony Coffee Roasters:Honduras San Marcos

When it comes to great coffee, Ceremony knows a thing or two. Ceremony’s head roaster Andy Sprenger brewed up some Ceremony coffee to become a two time U.S. Champion Coffee Brewer. We can affirm that his roasting is equally amazing. After the green coffee arrives in Annapolis, Ceremony roasters set about honing a new roast profile for that crop of beans. Their goal is to understand the bean that they are working with and bring out its individual character and inherent qualities. 

Honduran coffee has suffered a rocky past, not always being a reliable region for sourcing coffee. Producers have worked overtime to change that perception, and the results are undeniable. San Marcos is a small lot from several 3-4 hectare farms in the Department of Lempira. The lot was washed and patio dried at the Beneficio Santa Rosa to produce a super clean, sweet coffee. 

Coffee Basics
Origin: Honduras
Producer: San Marcos
Preparation: Washed
Varietals: Catuai
Altitude: 1400 meters

Coffee Tasting: 

The aroma of this coffee is sweet and alluring with light floral and cocoa aromatics. From first sip, you know this is coffee a solid, delicious coffee. Nothing blows up and takes over the cup. San Marcos is quintessentially balanced and classic. Those light floral aromatics are picked up as you sip along with tropical fruit hints of lemon candy and pineapple traces which gives way to a round sweetness and layered mouthfeel, 

Coffee Pairing: 

The balance of this coffee makes it ideal with literally any kind of meal: savory, sweet, or tart, you take your pick. 

Coffee Talk 

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