We believe that getting truly amazing coffee shouldn't be a pain.

We're a team of coffee geeks that taste over 50 coffees every month to find the best and curate a box of excellent coffees to send right to your door. We're partnering with small, artisan coffee roasters across the country to take local favorites international.

We all want really good coffee in the morning. What’s the number one most important factor? Great fresh-roasted beans. Where do you find great fresh-roasted beans? Right at your doorstep.

MistoBox started in 2012 after launching a successful Kickstarter Project. We are forever grateful to our original backers and founding team.


Samantha Meis 

Samantha's love of coffee was ignited during the long college nights at the University of Arizona. She embraces life, and will pretty much try anything once. She loves skiing, traveling, eating, photography and of course exploring everything coffee.

Interesting fact:
Samantha ran with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain with fellow co-founder Connor Riley.

Connor Riley

Connor attended the University of Arizona (where he met Samantha). MistoBox has given him the special opportunity to combine his passion for numbers, innovation, and coffee. When he’s not crunching numbers or slaving away on excel he enjoys golfing, fishing, basketball and being outdoors.

“Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life”

Samantha Belli

Samantha (we love Samanthas!) graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Design Studies. Her guilty pleasure is to pour over the latest issue of Architectural Digest when she’s not busy being the customer relations guru at MistoBox. When the Arizona heat permits it she also likes to enjoy the outdoors.

Place to Visit:
Switzerland, where her family is from.

Seth Mills 

Seth’s passion for coffee began in high school when working for a large coffee company he realized that coffee wasn’t just “coffee” it was a complex and meticulous process. While finishing his Political Science degree at Arizona State University he fine-tuned his coffee knowledge and has since gone on to work at Cartel Coffee Lab in Tempe. Besides a love for coffee the most important things to him are his wife Erin and daughter Emma.

Favorite Coffee:
Coffees from the Santa Ana region in El Salvador or Natural processed Ethiopians.

Paige Owen 

Paige attends Arizona State University Barrett Honors College, and will be finishing up her degrees in Journalism and Anthropology this coming fall. She couldn’t be more excited to be graduating and have some time to travel! She loves history and any shows depicting them. When she’s not indulging her caffeine addiction she likes to hike, go swimming, and try new restaurants.

Celebrity Crush:
Anthony Bourdain