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1000 Faces Coffee Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co.
Athens, GA
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Milwaukee, WI 
Dedication, experience and passion for amazing coffee defines Anodyne Coffee Roasting Company. Locally owned and independently operated, Anodyne is a micro roaster where the coffee is roasted just for you. All coffee is roasted on a 30 kilo Samiac roaster steadily and with great precision.
Augie's Coffee House Barefoot Coffee Roasters
Redlands, CA
Augie's mission is to bring a contagious passion for specialty coffee to everyone. They strive to treat various beans with respect by delicately roasting and revealing distinct flavor profiles to honor all the hard work put into growing and harvesting each coffee. 
San Jose, CA
Barefoot Coffee was born from the idea of treating coffee as culinary art. Considered one of the pioneers of direct trade coffee sourcing, Barefoot believes in farm fresh, small batch roasting and wildly intense coffee. Serious coffee and happy people, cant beat that.
Bow Truss Coffee Roasters Brown Coffee Company
Chicago, IL 
Bowtruss is all about bringing classy coffee and cozy people together. Bowtruss was started by a collective group of coffee professionals coming together to create their ideal coffee roasting company with the mission of making specialty coffee more approachable. The best beans, roasted to order.
San Antonio, TX
Brown Coffee is a group of professionals dedicated to constant coffee learning and improvement in pursuit of the perfect cup. Owner Aaron Blanco stands behind every product and guarantees it 100%. 
Cafe Demitasse Cartel Coffee Lab
Los Angeles, CA

Demitasse was started by a group of coffee geeks turned pro, it doesn't get much better than that. All coffee is roasted 2.5 kg at a time in "nano-batches' to ensure every bean is roasted to perfection. Cafe Demitasse is an aroma bar with a Little Tokyo vibe, pick up a bag and see for yourself.

Phoenix, AZ
Cartel Coffee Lab has pioneered the specialty coffee industry in Arizona, and created a culture where amazing coffee is the epicenter. Owner Jason and head roaster Paul are seasoned veterans, who have provided an experience people were unaware they desired.
Case Coffee Roasters Ceremony Coffee Roasters
Ashland, OR
Sourcing ridiculously good coffees from the best farms in the world is something Case Coffee Roasters is passionate about. Knowing your farmer’s name and being confident you’re paying a premium brings a human element to our business that we love. Owners Kati and Tim are amazing people with a remarkable vision for ridiculously good coffee.
Annapolis, MD
Ceremony Coffee Roasters has an unrelenting passion for producing the best coffee. Their work begins by traveling to producing countries each growing season, building relationships with farmers and sourcing the best arabica beans. Their goal is to understand what their working with and bring out its individual character and inherent qualities. Great people roasting amazing coffee.
Dillanos Coffee Roasters Elemental Coffee Roasters
Sumner, WA

Oklahoma City, OK
Elemental sources, samples, imports, roasts and delivers the finest coffees available in the world. Dedicated to quality and the best imaginable service, their coffee is nothing short of remarkable. Pure and simple they treat every lot of coffee as a unique entity worthy of crafting and cupping until they are satisfied that the results are the best possible iteration of each coffee.
Entimos Coffee Klatch Coffee
Sacramento, CA
Entimos; held in honor, precious; highly valued, distinguished, noble. This is the mission owners Matt and Tim have for their coffee, as they believe people simply shouldn't drink bad coffee.
Upland, CA

The 2009 Micro-Roaster of the Year has been roasting since 1993. Buying from only the top 1% of beans available, Klatch roasts in small batches to ensure optimum flavor and freshness. Owner Mike Perry is a legend in the industry.

La Colombe Coffee Roasters Ladro Coffee Roasting

Seattle, WA
Caffe Ladro first opened their doors in 1994 and pioneered the sustainable and ethically produced coffee market. With an emphasis on quality coffee, Ladro strives to create an intimate, friendly atmosphere in all of their 13 coffee shops in the Seattle area. Ladro is a truly amazing company with award winning coffee.
Lone Pine Coffee Roasters Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters
Bend, OR
A small family run roastery tucked in downtown Bend, Oregon aiming for perfection in your morning cup. Owners Anna and Scott Whitham roast 100% small batch with meticulous care for each and every bean. Every bag is hand filled, stamped, labeled and dated. Nothing great comes easy.
Dallas, TX
Oak Cliff's passion for coffee grew because of its ability to bring people together, from taste to conversation. They have a mission for creating a better quality of life for the most crucial part of the coffee chain, the farmers. "Coffee, much like life, is not simply about what you consume, but what you can create." - Head Roaster, Shannon
Onyx Coffee Lab OQ Coffee Roasters

Springdale, AR

Onyx Coffee Lab is all about putting belief into practice. Set on the East side of Springdale, Arkansas, itʼs a passion project from owners Jon and Andrea. They do this through direct relationships with farms and tirelessly sample roasting other imports they keep their standards high for the raw material they source. Encouraging and implementing organic practices and ethical trading allow them to have a direct impact on both coffee growers and the environment.
Highland Park, NJ
OQ Coffee Company focuses on unique and delicious, single origin coffees that are sourced directly, craft roasted and brewed to perfection. Owner Ben Schellacks passion for coffee grew out of two realizations; great coffee is delicious and coffee has the potential to create a community. More than just a business, OQ is a social enterprise..
Panther Coffee Roasters Passion House Coffee Roasters
Miami, FL
Panther Coffee's mission is to source, roast and prepare the finest coffees in the world, creating a transaction that is mutually beneficial for all, from producer to final customer. Owned by a husband and wife team, Panther is in constant pursuit of improving coffee quality in playful and always intellectually curious ways, including those yet unforeseen.
Chicago, IL
Passion House Coffee Roasters began as an endeavor to build a community by supporting patrons and local neighbors. Owner and head roaster Joshua Millman, started Passion House on the same day his daughter was born and has been roasting coffee for over 7 years. Joshua and his partner Shannon make an amazing team, and their passion is being rewarded.
Populace Coffee Quills Coffee
Bay City, MI
After working at a well known shop in Los Angeles, Andrew Heppner and his wife packed up and moved back home to Bay City, Michigan to start Populace Coffee and to bring a new caliber of quality coffee to the area. Populace strives to source and roast only the highest quality coffees and we are pleased to share his vision and offer them to you.
From a single store in Louisville’s Germantown neighborhood seven years ago to an operation of four stores and a Roasting team today, this original vision of brothers Nathan and Gabriel Quillo has held fast. Quills was born, and continues to grow, out of the passion of a small but ever-growing number of people thirsty to see the perfect blend of fine coffee and southern hospitality in creative community spaces. It’s with this goal in mind that Quills sources, roasts, brews and serves great coffee to Louisville and beyond.
Ristretto Coffee Roasters Ruby Coffee Roasters
Portland, OR
Ristretto Coffee Roasters has perfected the production of handcrafted coffees roasted in small batches. They specialize in medium roast, taking each coffee varietal to its peak of individual perfection. They are a group of amazing, dedicated people that roast a bean you have to try. Check out their Hot People Hot Coffee video.
Amherst Junction, WI
Ruby's 'Colorful Coffees' are roasted in Central Wisconsin in small batches. Their roasting philosophy is to preserve origin character, provide coffees that can truly shine on any brew method, and offer balance in the cup. They aim to emphasize seasonality and offer particularly wonderful coffees grown by particularly wonderful people. Of course, the folks at Ruby always try to keep things colorful!
Spyhouse Coffee Roasters Topeca Coffee Roasters
Minneapolis, MN
Since the inception of Spyhouse in 2000, their primary goals have been to ensure quality, sustainability, education, and a commitment to producing the finest coffee possible. This attention, hard work, and dedication to the craft, inspired them to join in the pursuit by beginning their own roasting endeavor in Fall of 2013. In a short amount of time, they have already established themselves as one of the best roasters in the country and one we are delighted to offer.
Topeca Coffee Roasters started their coffee journey in 1850 as a family of coffee growers on the slopes of the Santa Ana volcano in El Salvador. They expanded their passion in 2002 with the creation of their “Seed-to-Cup” concept by roasting and serving the coffees they so meticulously produce at their family farm in El Salvador. Today, Topeca continues this same commitment at their Tulsa roastery, where they roast the highest quality coffee from around the world.
Verve Coffee Roasters Victrola Coffee Roasters
Santacruz, CA
Ryan O'Donovan and Colby Barr started Verve Coffee Roasters in Santa Cruz, California in the fall of 2007 with a staff of four. Their goal was to source, roast, and serve the best coffees in the world with a style as unique as the coffees on the menu. Five years later, the drive behind this culture is stronger than ever, and Verve continues to offer trendsetting coffees and service.
Seattle, WA
Victrola started with a mission of combining great coffee and a cool place to meet friends. 12 years later they have accomplished just that, now the next step is looking for new opportunities to fuel their passion with an emphasis on deepening relationships with farmers and producers. Check out this video on one of their free weekly cupping session.
Water Avenue
Portland, OR
Water Avenue Coffee has retained a commitment to quality as they search global coffee markets and travel to origin. Dedicated to bravely pioneering the unseen frontier of micro-roasting craft coffee. Owner Brandon Smyth roasts all the coffee on a 1974 French Samiac 20-Kilo roaster.